Help Us Develop Purr Data

We're participating in Google Summer of Code for 2020! Hooray!

We maintain an open source visual programming language for realtime DSP synthesis. It's mostly used to make live music on a computer. You can also use it to create realtime graphics, video, and all kinds of interactive art projects.

Purr Data running on OSX

And it's quite handy for making quick prototypes. =^_^=

We are friendly and welcome newcomers to jump in and help us fix and improve our software!

Here's how...

1. Contact

Join our mailing list and introduce yourself!

Sign up on Gitlab and checkout the code.

2. Install Purr Data

Install a pre-compiled package:

Build from source if you're feeling adventurous.

3. Read Some Docs

Getting Started

More Details

4. Write Some Code

Read the Contributor's Guide

Check our list of ideas for Google Summer of Code 2020

Have fun!

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